When filling the online application, is it required or advisable to give my teammates’ names?

Yes, we advise to give the name of your teammates, especially the most important ones.

I need information that I cannot find on this page or the website. What can I do?

The best thing to do is connect directly with the Program Manager, Simone Napolitano, by email at sn@istitutoimprenditorialita.it and ask for a face to face meeting at UNIBO Launch Pad premise, in Via San Giacomo 5/2, Bologna.

How does the selection process work?

The selection has two phases. In a first phase the applications arrived at http://www.unibolaunchpad.it/en/apply are reviewed and evaluated. Upon evaluation, applicants are notified and the most promising proponents are invited for an interview.

What are the deadlines and important dates of the program?

The first deadline to send the application is on July 31st. In the first week of September the notification of the evaluation will be sent to applicants and the day of the interview will be around September 10th. On September there’ll be a kick-off and networking event.

I’ve been selected with my team: when will the courses start? When will they end?

Besides the September event the class schedule starts on October. Classes will be held on a 3-hour basis and will take place twice a week for 10 weeks: Friday on late afternoon and Saturday morning, in Bologna.

Is it required to have a team for presenting my project and apply?

We tend to favor projects that are already backed by a team, that is at least two people, but we don’t preclude applications coming from single proponents. Besides, the target of the initiative is the world of young research of UNIBO, so a requirement for applications is to have at least one teammate with a non-secondary role currently enrolled as a doctoral student, or post-doc fellow at the University of Bologna.

Does the project need to be strictly related to my research project at UNIBO?


What do you mean for partner project, a recurring term in the application?

We refer to a project partner to indicate a teammate and a member of your group. The program privileges projects carried on by teams compared to those backed by a single person: however, this is not a factor for exclusion, because we admit also single person applications. In the application and the overall presentation of the project we advise to highlight the institutional partnerships already being in place with foundations, associations, companies and sponsors and capable to vehiculate the value and the potential of your project.

In case of acceptance of my project, how much is important participation in the training and interactive activities?

We ask for assiduous participation at the training and networking meetings of the program. We consider it a necessary requirement for selection: at the beginning of the program and during interviews we’ll ask at least the majority of team members a formal commitment to attend consistently meetings and scheduled events.

Throughout the website I read “in order to participate to the program in Silicon Valley, all teams will need to establish the venture”. How strict is this requirement?

Establishing the venture is not a formal requirement for selection. However, it’s a form of encouragement for the team, to understand how serious are they in the entrepreneurial process.

Will UNIBO Launch Pad provide any kind of support (legal, work spaces etc.) to teams?

There’ll be some support services for establishing the venture: many participants and mentors of the program have sound professionalities in startup activities and will offer special price services and support.

Are there obligations stemming from the future venture’s participation to the program in respect to UNIBO Launch Pad or other subjects?

No, there are no obligations from the participation to the program.

Why is participation to meetings and interaction with mentors important?

Because our wish is for team to find mentors willing to endorse and support them, even becoming part of the venture in case of good empathy with teams.

What’s the structure of the application and what kind of questions we’ll need to answer while applying?

The application will lead to the following ordered questions:


  1. Project or Venture Name
  2. What’s the problem you’re planning to solve with your idea? What is your idea about and why should we pick yours among others?*(max 1000)
  3. Contact (Name and Surname)
  4. Contact (email address)
  5. What’s the market(s) your idea can be applied for?


  1. Please indicate number of team members or founders. Please provide the following: Team members’ or Founders’ resumes with CVs. Additionally, please provide for each member: (a) A line with name and surname, year of birth, email, mobile number, city; (b) A line with qualifications (High School/University), type of title, year of achievement; (c) A line with level of knowledge of English language (basic, fluent, advanced, mother-tongue); (d) A line with contacts (personal website, Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  2. Introduce your team: when and how did you know each other? Why did you choose to work together?
  3. Describe briefly, according to your opinion, a project or any prior achievement where the people involved in your team had worked, together or alone. Of course please avoid school qualifications or assignments or the idea or project object of this application.
  4. Please insert a link or URL with a 1-minute video of team introduction.

Business Idea

  1. Why did you choose the idea you’re introducing in this application and why are you working for moving it forward? Do you have particular competences?
  2. Who are your real or potential customers? How many are your customers? Had you already tested the idea with some of them? How do you plan to get in touch with them?
  3. Who are your competitors?
  4. What’s unique about the market where your idea can be applied?
  5. What’s the monetary size of the market (please provide an estimate)?

Status of the business idea

  1. Since you started this entrepreneurial project, at what phase of development is it currently undergoing, how many steps are required to complete the development of the project core idea?
  2. How much steps are remaining to complete the idea development? How much time?
  3. If the company has been formally founded, what’s your turnover, how much in the last 6 months?
  4. Have you been applying to or have you been selected for a startup competition, have you been incubated or have you been participating to an accelerator program? If yes, please give us a brief account of the experience

Intellectual property

  1. Is the core idea of the venture project patentable, if yes, is it already protected with a patent and in which phase it is?
  2. Is any team member respecting a non-compete agreement that can hinder his/her effort to the project?


  1. What type of investment has been made in the venture project, how much has been funded?
  2. If different funding channels have been used, specify for each of these: (a) type of funding (b) amount of funding
  3. What’s the size of the investment are necessary to complete the launch of the project


  1. Are there references in support of your application to the UNIBO Launch Pad Lab selection process


  1. Why are you applying for UNIBO Launch Pad, what are your expectations and how did you get to know about the program?